Angry Words

3.15.5 forAndroid



The crossword game in your hands


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Angry Words is a crossword game very similar to the famous scrabble, in which we will have to use random letters to create words on a game board.

Despite what many novice players might think, the idea is not to always find long words, but to try and create the greatest amount of words in one single game, ensuring that we gain a high score.

To obtain a higher score, we obviously could and should use the boxes for double and triple points that are found throughout the board game, which may lead a good game into a winning game.

When playing with friends through the Internet, the application offers many possibilities, in addition to a wide range of animations that will make the game even more joyful.

Angry Words is a very fun game with an enormous community. We will always find a lot of people willing to play...that's if we don't already have friends who are constantly challenging us.
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